Many of Drive Forward’s Members have reported to us issues with delays in renewing their King County For-Hire Licenses and Vehicle Endorsements.  This month we spoke to the King County Department of Licensing (KCDOL) to find out what the hold up is.

As all of you are aware because of the pandemic KCDOL has updated their process for For-Hire License and Vehicle Endorsement applications and renewals.  Instead of going to their office downtown to pick up your License and Endorsement sticker, KCDOL is now emailing a printable copy of your License and mailing the vehicle endorsement sticker to your home.  However it seems many of you are not receiving these emails or letters.  KCDOL assures us that the companies, Uber and Lyft, are sending in the applications and renewals in a timely manner, so what is the problem? 

In our conversation, KCDOL told us what they are seeing as the most common reasons for a delay in you receiving your License or Endorsement sticker. From this we have created the following checklist for your use to see if one of those reasons apply to you.

If you can check off all those boxes on the list then you have an uncommon problem.

If your problem is uncommon you should first set up an appointment at your app company’s hub to find out when they submitted your application or renewal. If possible get the batch number they submitted your application with and the date they submitted it. Use that information along with your Name, For-Hire License Number, and Expiration Date and email KCDOL at This should be enough information for KCDOL to solve your problem.

If you still have questions after going through this process or need assistance in going through this process, email or text “TNC” to 1-844-811-6034.

Good luck, stay safe, and stay healthy!