Bicycle Delivery PersonDelivery drivers and bike messengers who work in the City of Seattle are suffering from the consequences of broken legislation which instead of boosting pay has caused earnings to collapse.  We need to make sure this broken law is reformed. 

Drive Forward has been working with the Seattle City Council and Council President Nelson to reform the broken law in a way that will preserve your hard fought wins on certain rights and protections while setting an minimum pay standard that guarantees no-one makes less than the $19.97 per hour minimum wage for time worked plus an expense payment of $0.35 per mile.  

The reform retains couriers’ ability to:

  • Accept or reject any offer
  • Cancel an offer for cause
  • Be told the time, distance, business name and payment for every offer
  • Be provided detailed receipts, and pay statements
  • Be protected from retaliation by the companies

We need you to tell the Seattle City Council that you support these reforms to help your fellow Seattle based gig-worker regain their earnings that bad law caused them to lose.

Leadership is not jut admitting you made a mistake but also taking action to fix it.  Seattle City Council is willing to show leadership and reform this law.

We need them to see our support. Please send them an email letting them know you support reform!