Have you ever tried to go “online” on your platform of choice, and not been allowed to by the app for some reason or another?

If you’re like me the answer is probably “yes”!  Which means at some point in your gig-economy career…

You’ve been deactivated!


Deactivations happen for any number of reasons, most commonly for expired or missing documents, like insurance card, driver license, or business license.  More frustratingly for some of us it could be for low acceptance rate, low customer ratings, a customer complaint, or a failed background check. Of course, there are the more serious violations that all reasonable people would agree should result in a deactivation if true like driving under the influence, sexual harassment or assault, racial discrimination, and violent crimes.

What’s important to know is how to get reactivated.  Drive Forward will always be here to help you if you are deactivated and you can always contact us for help with any deactivation.  In most cases where the deactivation is for a simple “housekeeping” issue like expired documents, getting reactivated just requires you to upload the current document and you’ll be back on the platform in a matter of hours.  However, for not so simple deactivations it is wise to know what a platform can deactivate you for.

Rideshare platforms in Washington State cannot deactivate a driver for declining or cancelling rides, nor can they deactivate for low customer ratings. However, they can deactivate you based on a pattern of customer complaints, failed background and motor vehicle records checks, and more serious violations of their terms of service like those listed above. If you’re deactivated for one of these reasons and you feel the information the deactivation was based on is false or inaccurate, you have the right to appeal the deactivation, and Drive Forward will help you make that appeal.

For Delivery platforms your deactivations rights are much more limited, for now.  These platforms can deactivate you for low acceptance rates, poor customer ratings, customer complaints along with the more serious violations of their terms of service, and there is currently no right to an appeal of the deactivation. Most of the companies have an internal appeals process if you feel you were wrongfully deactivated, but they are hard to navigate and you rarely, if ever. speak to a real person empowered to help you with your unique situation.  However, this is about to change.

Currently the Seattle City Council is working on a proposed ordinance (CB120580) that would establish a right to appeal any deactivation you feel is unwarranted.  This new law if passed, also establishes on what grounds a delivery platform can deactivate you, how much notice they must give you before you are deactivated, and a clear reason for the deactivation.  Drive Forward is in full support of this effort by the Seattle City Council to protect your rights during these situations.

In the coming weeks Drive Forward will be rolling out a new member resources page that will include information on what to do if you are deactivated, including links to platforms’ internal appeals processes, where available, and how to request help from Drive Forward.  Until then if you need help with a deactivation, please use the Contact Us from here and a member of our staff will reach out to you. Thank you for your continued support of Drive Forward.